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Catalytic Converters

MagnaFlow's production and design techniques contribute to their standing as the highest quality and best valued catalytic converters on the market. Count on MagnaFlow being the last catalytic converter you'll need for your vehicle! Available in California and 49-State models.

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49 State & Canada Converter

49-State & Canada Direct Fit

All 49-State (EPA) catalytic converters are OBD-II and EPA compliant.

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California Converter

California Direct Fit

All California State catalytic converters are CARB compliant.

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Universal Catalytic converters are chosen based on engine size and volume along with actual dimensions available to install the converter. Universal is just what the name implies, a less than exact fit. ALL Universal converters will require exhaust modifications which will most likely include cutting and welding of the exhaust system and / or the converter.

49 State Universal Application California Universal Application

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