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The Benefits of K&N Cold Air Intakes Air Intakes

The many benefits of K&N Air Intakes, K&N Cold Air Intakes and K & N Cold Air Kits include:

Increased Horsepower – KN Air Intakes will produce an immediate and noticeable increase in your engine’s horsepower. That’s what clean, cool air, and plenty of it, can do for your engine’s performance.

• Increased Torque- The “oomph you feel in the seat of your pants” is how one KN user describes torque . . . and though that may not be a terribly technical definition, it’s good enough for us! The additional oxygen getting to your engine will increase torque, which some feel is even more important to the feel and power of your ride than horsepower.

Increased Throttle Response- After installing your intake or your new K&N cold air intake, go ahead and step on the gas, and feel the difference in response.

Improved Fuel Economy- New air intakes mean a more efficient air/fuel ratio and more efficient burning of fuel. You’d think that more torque, increased horsepower and better throttle response would mean a loss of fuel efficiency . . . but that’s the beauty of your new K&N air intake system. You get better vehicle performance AND improved gas mileage!

  • Prolonged Engine Life - A new K & N air intake means more air and cleaner air for your engine; a K&N cold air intake means cooler air as well.  All of these factors will prolong the life and health of your engine.
  • A Performance Air Filter - KN Air Intakes and Cold Air Kits include a performance air filter that never needs to be replaced and that provides cleaner air and increased air flow to your engine.  For more details, visit our Benefits of a K&N Performance Air Filters page.
  • Easy Installation – Our air intakes are easy to install.  Even the K&N Cold Air Intakes, which are a bit more complicated have an installation process that any lay person can manage.
  • Outstanding Fit – Made to fit specific makes models and years, K & N has an air intake system that will perfectly fit your vehicle.
  • Emissions Certification – K&N air intakes and filters pass all emissions regulations . . . including the State of California’s strict requirements!
  • Intact Warranty – Installing a KN air intake or cold air kit, will NOT void your vehicle’s warranty.

For more information see our About Air Intakes and Cold Air Intakes page, or, if you’re ready to order an air intake for your vehicle, visit our main K&N Air Intake Performance Kits.

K & N air filters, air intakes and cold air intake kits are the best quality, durability, performance and warranty in the industry.  Upgrade your vehicle with K & N today and you’ll be glad you did.  In fact, you’ll be sorry you waited so long!

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