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Bug shields, hood protectors and more

Bug Shields Hood ProtectorsIf you spend any time on the highway at all, you know your truck is constantly barraged with debris. When you consider the expense of repairing hood dents and windshield cracks from rocks and road debris, pickup road guards pay for themselves over and over. By redirecting airflow up and over your windshield, bug shields, hood protectors and guards protect your truck from costly damage and unsightly bug splats. They fit snugly and require no drilling to install. Considering their affordability and ease of installation, there's really no reason not to have one on the front of your truck.

Stylish pickup bug guards

Grill And Brush GuardsDon't be fooled into thinking there's nothing stylish about bug shields. Hood protectors are an easy and affordable way to customize your truck with a sleek, aerodynamic look. All of our pickup bug guards are custom molded from tough, durable, easy-to-clean materials. Choose chrome, carbon fiber, smoked, or clear paintable finish for the look that perfectly complements your truck.

Smittybilt grill and brush guards

You'll love our selection of Smittybilt grill and brush guards, such as the popular Modular Front Guard. It offers heavy-duty front-end protection with style. It's not a universal fit; rather, it's custom-fit to hug the contours of your specific vehicle. Each sleek design is easy to install, and most do not require drilling. The Modular Front Guard has a four-point frame mount design for increased strength and durability, and 1/4" side plates with rubber impact strips for maximum protection. It includes removable headlight guards and comes pre-drilled for optional off-road lights. Combine Smittybilt grill and brush guards with side bars and matching tail light protectors for the total custom package.