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Top 7 Celebrity Trucks

As a celebrity, image is everything, and your car is a big part of that image. It’s a symbol of your status and success, and that’s why when it comes to celebrities and cars the sky is the limit. Whether it be custom paint, custom accessories, or an entirely custom vehicle, a pimped out truck or SUV is the way to go for the rich and famous.

Jack Osbourne / BMW X5 – Son of the legendary Ozzie Osbourne, Jack’s 2004 BMW X5 sports a custom paint job featuring the Osbourne family painted as zombies on the hood. Additional custom paint includes skulls airbrushed along the sides of the car. Inside, the car features an Xbox as well as a mechanical skull inside the stereo. Jack Osbourne shot to fame when he starred with the rest of his family in the MTV reality series “The Osbournes ”. Jack suffered from drug addiction, even during the show, and finally admitted himself to rehabilitation. After rehab, Jack has stayed clean and even went on to get in shape and lose fifty pounds. When “The Osbournes” finally ended, Jack first starred in his own show, “Union Jack ” then later in another show of his own, “Adrenaline Junkie.”
Tina Turner / Lamborghini LM002 – World famous singer Tina Turner’s Lamborghini LM002 features various aesthetic touches including lights and mirrors, but most impressive of all are its 1500-watt Blaupunkt stereo as well as its Mercedes-Benz E500 V8 and Mercedes - Benz automatic transmission. The LM002, also known as “Rambo’s Lambo” was evolved from Lamborghini’s attempts to build a jeep like vehicle for the US military. The initial designs involved a rear mounted engine, but when this proved to be a problem, the engine was moved to the front and even replaced with the V12 from the Countach. The civilian version was marketed frequently to Saudi sheiks, because the car performed marvelously in the desert. The Saudi Arabian army is said to have ordered forty of these vehicles and the Libyan army one hundred.
Marc Ecko / Nissan Armada & Pathfinder – Fashion designer Marc Ecko put his own talent into designing his Nissan Armada and Pathfinder. The Armada exterior was customized with an ivory colored roof and bright orange sides. The inside was decorated with tan and ivory calf skin leather covering every possible inch. The Pathfinder has a modified grill, black & gray paint, and smoothed wheel wells. The interior features an orange center console, black leather, and dark wood seat backs. Marc Ecko was born in 1972 and formed his own clothing brand in 1993. He is considered one of the most successful “people under 40” in the United States.
Arnold Schwarzenegger / Jeep Grand Wagoneer, H2, H1 – What sets Schwarzenegger’s cars apart from the other on this list is they haven’t even been completed yet. That in itself, however, is impressive as few cars generate as much buzz while they’re still on the drawing board as Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s have. The first in his line up will be a 1987 Jeep Grand Wagoneer that Schwarzenegger is having converted to run on bio-diesel by diesel engine specialist Jonathan Goodwin. Strange choice of model, but apparently that Wagoneer is one of his favorite daily driver cars. GM is also talking with Goodwin about making the Governator a Bio/Hydrogen H2. In other words, the H2 would be able to run on both bio-diesel and hydrogen. There is also talk of doing this to one of Schwarzenegger’s own H1 military vehicles.
Stephon Marbury / SLV 365Stephon Marbury plays guard for the New York Nicks and his Viant SLV 365 is a heavily customized hybrid between a Cadillac Escalade and a Rolls Royce Phantom. The SLV stands for “Sports Lifestyle Vehicle.” Appearing at first like an Escalade with a Phantom grill, the SLV 365 also features suicide doors, exterior effects lighting, and twenty-four inch rims. Inside, the car features a retractable thirty inch high-definition TV along with DVD players, DSS Satellite, Ipod interface, and a limited edition bottle of Martell XO (along with crystal glasses to drink it with). Additional SLV 365’s will be built and available for purchase through Stephon Marbury’s own luxury vehicle company, “Star Motoring.”
Tony Clark – Professional baseball player Tony Clark is also the owner of a custom automobile shop. Suffice to say, he has a substantial collection within his own stable at home. He owns several trucks and SUV’s, one of which is a Range Rover that was customized for his wife, Frances who is a big fan of hot-pink. The Range Rover is entirely black with pink accents inside and out. It also sports twenty-four inch wheels, custom audio, televisions, and lowered suspension. Tony Clark also owns at least two Cadillac Escalades, one being the open truck model and the other enclosed. The two Escalades sport twenty-six inch rims, custom grills, televisions and custom audio, as well as smoked glass.
Busta Rhymes / H2 – As a famous rapper, Busta Rhymes, of course, needs a pimped out SUV. One of his best known is his recently sold H2, known as “The Bee”. The Bee was customized to be a show car, traveling from car show to car show. The exterior of the H2 is almost entirely yellow, while the inside is back and yellow. The interior is also entirely suede leather. It sports a high-end sound system as well as a large TV along with all the necessary peripherals such as video game consoles and DVD. The Bee rolls on twenty-five inch rims and lowered suspension. Suffice it to say, it is easily recognizable in a crowd.
Whether it’s extra large rims or a custom vehicle built from the ground up, the job of a celebrity's go-to car is to stand out from the group as much as its owner. Some may shake their heads and dismiss this as modern vanity, but remember, even the ancient Egyptian Pharaohs were buried with their customized chariots. Perhaps they didn’t have spinners, but even back then the driver was defined by his ride.