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Selecting The Right Nerf Bar

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There are several options to consider when choosing the nerf/side bar or side/truck step that works for your vehicle, including:


When choosing the length for your side/nerf bar, look at where you need it most.  If you want safe and secure footing for you and all of your passengers, a cab-length nerf bar with a wide step for sure footing may be your best bet

If you frequently get into the bed of your truck, a wheel-to-wheel option allows the extra boost for the bed and for every vehicle occupant.

Of course, if you are looking for a basic step for one or two doors on your truck or SUV, a side step option is the way to go.  It provides that extra boost for your specific door entry.

At, we offer several length options in nerf and side bars to fit your needs.

Weight Capacity

Nerf and side bars/side steps have the same amount of weight capacity – 300 pounds  This should be plenty to hold a person, and is sufficient when loading the bed of a truck. 

If you are looking for a larger weight capacity, a running board may be the better option as it can hold 200 pounds more than the average nerf bar.

Which Will Look Best?

Stainless steel or black powdercoated options are the common nerf and side bars purchased at  Whether you are looking for a mirror-like appearance or a more subdued look, one of these options will work for your vehicle.

Additionally, it’s beneficial for individuals with a roof rack or tail/light guard to match the nerf bars up to it, providing a customized look for the entire vehicle.

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