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Tonneau Cover Benefits

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Tonneau covers offer a number of benefits to pick-up truck owners, including:

-Protection from Weather for your payload.  A tonneau cover will protect your truck contents and the truck bed itself from rain, sleet, snow and hail.  Your truck bed cover will also protect the contents from blowing around or blowing out of the truck due to wind.  And tonneau covers also protect contents from the damaging effects of the heat of the sun.  

- Security and Theft ProtectionLeaving tools, materials or other exposed contents in an open truck bed is practically an invitation to thieves.  Tonneau covers offer increased security, not only because thieves don’t steal what they can’t see, but also because the time it would take to open or remove a truck bed cover would also discourage theft.  For added security, Truck Champ also offers a variety of Tonneau Cover Accessories.

-Organization and Safe Transport of truck bed contents because tonneau covers help keep things in their place.   Truck bed covers keep your cargo from rolling and rattling around, and can help prevent damage and breakage.  Tonneau covers also keep contents from being blown around or blown out of the truck by wind.  Truck bed covers also keep your cargo where you put it, so that things stay organized and orderly in the truck bed. Be safe on the highway! Have a look at some great information from The National Transportation Safety Board.

 -Improved Aerodynamics and Gas Mileage - This is a HUGE advantage for pick-up truck owners because truck bed covers significantly reduce drag (wind resistance).  Pick-up trucks are wonderful vehicles, but because of their open truck beds, they are not aerodynamic or fuel efficient. By adding a tonneau cover to your truck, air slides easily off the cover rather than getting trapped in the bed and creating drag. One of the greatest advantages of a tonneau cover is that it will immediately improve gas mileage as a result of the aerodynamic improvement you gain by covering your truck bed.  Industry experts report as much as 5% fuel economy – even with soft tonneau covers! Here are more ways to improve gas mileage.

Add the benefit of FREE SHIPPING included with every Truck Champ tonneau cover order, and you’ll understand why we say: Don’t Delay, Get Your New Tonneau Cover from Truck Champ TODAY!

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