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Tonneau Cover Choices

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Tonneau covers come in a variety of styles, materials, colors and installations. 
Tonneau cover choices include roll-up covers, folding tonneau covers, retractable covers, snap-on tonneau covers, soft covers, folding hard covers, and hard undercover truck bed covers.  Many tonneau cover choices work with a locking system that adds additional security.  Tonneau covers are easy to install, look great, and add to the value of your truck.
The various kinds of truck bed covers available include:

  1. Roll-up Tonneau Covers – these are easy to install, usually made of vinyl and require no drilling, but simply attach to the truck bed with clamps. These covers open and close with a hook and loop (Velcro®) system.  This type installs in less than 30 minutes and improve gas mileage like all tonneau covers.
  2. Folding Tonneau Covers - usually made of vinyl, this type of cover can be installed in about two minutes and removed in about one minute.  Like all truck bed covers, this model improves mileage.  The unique folding design allows access to 100% of your truck bed.
  3. Undercover Hard Tonneau Coversthis is the lightest and strongest type of solid cover made.  Lighter than fiberglass, this hard cover installs in about a half hour and is easily removable in less than a minute.  Security is enhanced by dual stainless steel locks.  Designed by an aeronautical engineer, this lightweight hard shell tonneau cover is a terrific option for security and durability.
  4. Folding Hard Tonneau Coversare very versatile, with all the advantages of a hard tonneau cover, but with the flexibility of a soft cover, a folding hard tonneau cover can be folded back to allow for transport of large or tall items that extend past the height of your truck bed, and can be completely removed in about one minute.  Offering exceptional security with bitted key locks, and double seals to keep your contents protected from the weather, a folding hard tonneau cover is an excellent option . . .  and provides great gas mileage, too. 
  5. Retractable Roll Truck Bed Covers - this type of tonneau cover takes about an hour to install, but provides super ease of use once installation is complete.  This type of truck bed cover easily retracts to allow complete access to your truck bed and truck bed contents, and its small canister depth provides maximum truck bed storage capacity. 
  6. Snap Roll Truck Bed Coversthis type of tonneau cover is the lowest-priced and one of the easiest type of covers to install.  Made of heavy-duty vinyl, this tonneau cover requires no drilling; it simply snaps into place.  In addition to ease of installation and low price, a snap roll tonneau cover allows access from any part of your truck bed without having to remove the whole truck bed cover.

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