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Top Ten Things NOT to Do with Nerf Bars

10. Throw a beat-down on Grandma with one of your nerf bars when she gets a little too feisty.

9. Use side steps as speed bumps in your neighborhood.

8. Attach weights to your truck steps to practice for the Iron Man Challenge.

7. Choose nerf bars for trucks as your "weapon of choice" in a murder plot against your ex.

6. Use nerf bars as curb feelers on your monster truck.

5. Use truck steps as stilts because you've always secretly wanted to be a clown in a circus. Or you're just really, really tired of people calling you "Shorty."

4. Use a nerf bar as a tube to siphon gas when the prices get way too high.

3. Claim you "didn't mean to" sling a nerf bar at the umpire while using it as a replacement bat. (You lost the first bat somewhere in the crowd behind home plate earlier.)

2. String nerf bars for trucks up to the getaway redneck truck at a gunshot wedding.

And the number one thing NOT to do with nerf bars: Add your truck steps to your Kitchen Table/Mile High Club list.


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