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Top 13 Monster Truck Crashes

Monster Truck Crash 13

Bigfoot Looses Control

"Hot Dog" star Andy Samberg recently showed movie-goers that jumping RVs is a dangerous game. Now, try it in a monster truck. That's just what Bigfoot does in this video, easily accomplishing his feat before stumbling, rumbling, and eventually crashing out of control in the desert.
Monster Truck Crash 12

Amateur Driver

Careful on those corners; these ain't Ferraris, after all. This amateur driver shows just what happens to amateur drivers that get in over their heads. I bet he was thinking something similar as his crew rushed to his side. Or, maybe not.

Monster Truck Crash 11

Bigfoot Crashes Again

Although it hasn't seen the carnage unleashed upon Grave Digger by driver Dennis Anderson, the plethora of Bigfoot pilots have done their fair number on owner Bob Chandler's big rigs. In this particular video, Bigfoot and his competition dance over the cars heavy-handed before taking it just a bit too far. As it first ploughs into the cars, Bigfoot's hood peaks towards the sky, hanging in limbo for what seems like forever before crashing down on its roof. The result is one heck of a big truck going nowhere fast.

Monster Truck Crash 10

Grave Digger on the Rampage

Although the video's a bit grainy and dark, there's no doubt that this put the hurt on Grave Digger and driver Dennis Anderson. Taking place in Canandiqua, New York in 1990, Anderson bounces and bobs off the cars before heading straight first into the wall. Imagine how terrible this could have been, had he made it into the crowd!

Monster Truck Crash 9

Never Seen on TV - Don't Try This at Home!

Props to the little guys. Although you'll never see this on television, we've got to hand it to these Jackass-inspired kids for sacrificing their bodies. Just don't try it at home (we don't mean to encourage stupidity). It's no surprise that the result of this back yard debacle leaves its driver in more pain than King Kong pilot Steve Dane, even after his massive crash at Myrtle Beach.

Monster Truck Crash 8

Monster Air Crash - One Expensive Truck!

Although not quite a 'monster truck', this crash is a titan nonetheless. The video claims the truck cost some $100,000, and if so, we hope the driver has insurance. Soaring into the air off a ramp, this truck hits the dust head first at an amazing speed. As a result, it and the driver are sent into the air, tossed upside down like a ninety-pound gymnast. With parts flying in every direction, the vehicle eventually comes to a painful halt, but only after completing its second awe-inspiring flip.

Monster Truck Crash 7

How the Grave Digger Got Its Name

Just how close has Grave Digger come to digging the graves of monster truck event attendees? Hard to say, but this crash just about sent plenty of fans six feet under. Tip-toeing off its hood and hind twice before just about ploughing head over heels into the crowd, this Providence, Rhode Island crash in 1992 is as entertaining as it is scary.

Monster Truck Crash 6

Superman Crashes

This one's just too easy. Careening off the cars, Superman lands awkwardly on its massive front tires before pointing its nose straight into the air. Moments after lifting off (perhaps to save some trapped school child), this monster truck does a phenomenal flip before coming to rest upside down. Although hardly as destructive as the famous King Kong crash (which could be likened to the explosion of a small nuclear bomb), the Superman crash is one of the most awe-inspiring and oddly graceful follies in the history of the sport.

Monster Truck Crash 5

Bigfoot vs. Texas Toy

A classic. This video proves that not everything from the 80s was bad; we still love the hard edges and raw power of the trucks from the same decade that brought us He-Man and hair metal. In this video, Bigfoot driver Jim Kramer blows past his competition Leslie Anderson in the 'Texas Toy'. At first, Kramer's speed is unbelievable, as his rig flies higher than perhaps ever before. Unfortunately, all that speed and sky lead Bigfoot into the ground hard, sending the truck spiraling out of control in a mesmerizing and frightening front flip.

Monster Truck Crash 4

An Impressive Snake Bite

Blink and you'll miss this unbelievable video. Ripping over cars at a blinding pace, monster truck 'Snake Bite' almost bites the dust when slamming into a barrier and a building across the divide. Most impressive about this crash is the sheer speed of the truck as it smashes head first into the wall. Thank heavens no fans were waiting on the other side!

Monster Truck Crash 3

More Junk to Run Over

Someone really ought to remove any poles from monster truck lanes. Of course, most fans would love to add more junk to the track. All the more to crush, right? Well, this pole proves almost deadly for Grave Digger just a few months ago. Racing along in dragster fashion, driver Dennis Anderson peels to the left and has most of his truck severed by the oddly placed pole. Regardless, he walks away, albeit fuzzy, and this crash takes a respectable place in our favorites list.

Monster Truck Crash 2

Monster Truck Madness

How could we forget this? Only cave-dwellers could have missed this recent crash roughly sixty miles from Chicago, a not-so-funny wreck that left a handful of onlookers seriously hurt. This isn't the stuff we monster truck fans like to see, but see it we must. Be careful at monster truck events! They don't call 'em 'monsters' for nothing.

Monster Truck Crash 1

King Kong and the Mother of All Crashes

Watch out "76" signs, King Kong is off his leash. No, not Peter Jackson's King Kong, but Steve Dane's monster truck. Tipping onto two wheels, slicing the 76 sign in two, and then crashing head over heels onto a reserve supply of crushed cars, Kong did just about as much damage as the legendary movie monster could ever inflict.