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Truck nerf bars, add some personality


Truck Nerf Bars

Your truck will thank you. They are also called side tubes, tube steps, step bars and countless other names and are as functional as they are attractive. These great accessories have become more and more prevalent as trucks and SUVs have grown progressively bigger and taller. And trust us, there's nothing soft or squishy about these side tubes. Our custom made nerf bars are great for providing a safe, stable step up into your cab in any kind of weather conditions. Even if your truck isn't a monster, it's nice to have that extra boost for passengers who may be young, old, or just plain worn out after a long day of work. They're strong and sturdy, with heavy-duty construction, so you needn't worry about how heavy your passengers may be: our truck nerf bars boast incredible weight capacities, often up to 300 lbs.

Order your custom made nerf bars

Our tube steps will bring a smooth steel flawless finish to add to your truck, with no drilling required. Often, lesser-quality bars will have a wrinkled appearance in the bend, but you'll find none of that here. Manufactured exclusively for, our truck nerf bars come complete with powder-coated mounting hardware and custom fit applications in a mirror-polished finish or tough high-gloss powder-coat black finish. You'll find that step pads are one of the most important features that you can add. Our custom made nerf bars feature recessed step pads rather than cut-out. With a grooved design that channels water away from the stepping surface, they'll help you get a grip before climbing into the vehicle. An added benefit is that mud and water end up on the nerf bar instead of inside your truck. How many step pads will you find on each nerf bar? Generally, you'll find a step pad beneath each seating row. Hence, standard and extended cab trucks will have one, while large extended cabs, crew cabs, and quad cabs will have two. Wheel-to-wheel bars will have an extra step pad at the rear wheel well, which is great for accessing the bed.