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Your truck is more than just a vehicle to you; it’s your baby, your toy, and it may even be your livelihood. So, of course, you want your truck to have the best and most popular pieces of equipment--such as custom made bumpers and the ever-popular dog box.

Custom-Made Bumpers

Trucks Unique offers the greatest selection of custom-made items. They sell a multitude of items, but the most interesting items on their website are their custom-made bumpers. These bumpers are originally made by a company called Ranch Hand, but they can be found on other websites in different styles. Each of the styles offers something different:

  • Cowboy Back Bumpers are bumpers that are designed to provide you with a stable platform while maximizing both protection and towing capacity. They are tested for 1,000 lbs tongue weight and 10,000 lbs towing capacity, or 500 lbs tongue weight and 5,000 lbs towing capacity. These unique bumpers have a high-quality super polyester black pearl powder coating finish that is resistant to corrosion.
  • Summit Back Bumpers offer great rear protection for Dodge trucks. They are made from formed channel, and they are powder-coated. They come with diamond and steel plates and skirts, as well as built-in work/backup lights. They even let you retain your factory receiver.

Dog Boxes

Another very unique accessory that’s perfect for pet lovers is something called a dog box. This item is designed to house your dog in the back of your truck safely when traveling. Some of these boxes also come with built-in storage.

Unique Truck Accessories sells dog boxes that have sliding side vents, and some even have gas-operated shocks. They sell multiple styles of dog boxes, depending on your personal preference. Bottom-drawer dog boxes have a storage drawer that is built on the bottom of the box, and it is guaranteed that they do not leak. Top storage dog boxes have storage on top. They also sell boxes that have either no storage at all or dog boxes that have room for more than one dog.

Patriot Dog Boxes sells boxes that are custom-built in Ohio. Their boxes are aluminum and insulated with ¾ inch poly foam insulation which offers great weather protection. Their boxes even have a locking system that is completely waterproof.

Diamond Deluxe has a great selection of dog box styles – 9 in total. Their best-selling box is the B-Style box, which is made with diamond tread aluminum and features carrying handles, locking T-handles on the dog doors, large vents, plastic insulation, and locking full-stop storage. They also sell D-Style dog boxes for those who have larger breeds of dogs. They also offer a trailer-style dog box.

There are many places that sell unique items for your truck, and many of them will customize them for you. All you have to do is know what you want for your truck, and you should have no problem finding someone who is willing to make your truck look as gorgeous as it deserves to be.

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