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Why Purchase Nerf Bars?

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Benefits of Nerf and Side Bars…

Nerf and step bars are an excellent option for many vehicles, particularly in today’s market where trucks and SUV’s are taller than before and/or are lifted due to the owner’s choice.  At , we offer only the top options in Nerf bars and step bars for any vehicle.  Nerf bars have a number of benefits and features, including:

  • A smooth, safe step in any weather condition
  • A customized look for your vehicle
  • A number of shapes and styles
  • Stainless steel options to maximize rust protection
  • Side protection for your vehicle
  • Work as brush guards for the off-road enthusiast

At , we also provide several benefits for our nerf bar purchasers such as:

  • Limited lifetime warranties (depending on the nerf bars)
  • Free freight on most orders
  • No drilling required for many installations
  • Free shipping on all orders over $99 within the continental US


Safety and Security

The nerf and side bars offered at come with several safety features to ensure the security of you, your family and friends, and your vehicle.

Several side and nerf bars offer a wide step with treaded pads, allowing for excellent gripping capabilities in any weather condition.  The grooved design of these pads allows water to drain from the stepping surface, so a chance of slipping is significantly decreased.  These step pads stay in place throughout the life of your nerf and side bars. 

In addition to the non-slip surface, the installation of nerf and side bars provides a stable surface for anybody to step on. Heavy duty mounting brackets and hardware are included with a nerf or side bar purchase and no drilling is required with installation.  The added safety benefit exists without damaging your truck.

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