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At, we offer one of the widest selections of nerf bars and side steps on the Internet today! Click on the topics below to learn more about this product:

What kind of crazy word is "nerf", anyway? No one precisely knows how it was ever applied to these side step products. Have a look at this Wikipedia entry on the uses of the word.

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Benefits of Nerf and Side Bars…

Nerf and step bars are an excellent option for many vehicles, particularly in today’s market where trucks and SUV’s are taller than before and/or are lifted due to the owner’s choice.  At , we offer only the top options in Nerf bars and step bars for any vehicle.  Nerf bars have a number of benefits and features, including:

  • A smooth, safe step in any weather condition
  • A customized look for your vehicle
  • A number of shapes and styles
  • Stainless steel options to maximize rust protection
  • Side protection for your vehicle
  • Work as brush guards for the off-road enthusiast

At , we also provide several benefits for our nerf bar purchasers such as:

  • Limited lifetime warranties (depending on the nerf bars)
  • Free freight on most orders
  • No drilling required for many installations
  • Free shipping on all orders over $99 within the continental US

Safety and Security

The nerf and side bars offered at come with several safety features to ensure the security of you, your family and friends, and your vehicle.

Several side and nerf bars offer a wide step with treaded pads, allowing for excellent gripping capabilities in any weather condition.  The grooved design of these pads allows water to drain from the stepping surface, so a chance of slipping is significantly decreased.  These step pads stay in place throughout the life of your nerf and side bars. 

In addition to the non-slip surface, the installation of nerf and side bars provides a stable surface for anybody to step on. Heavy duty mounting brackets and hardware are included with a nerf or side bar purchase and no drilling is required with installation.  The added safety benefit exists without damaging your truck.

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At , we offer a wide selection of nerf bars, side steps, side bars, truck steps and running boards.  Each designed to meet your specific needs.

Nerf Bars carries custom-made oval or round nerf bars or step bars in black, stainless steel, and chrome for Toyota, Ford, Nissan, Chevy, GMC, Jeep and Dodge pickup trucks, plus nerfs for SUV’s and vans.  There are three primary types of Nerf Bars on the market today:

  • Wheel to Wheel Nerf Bars – these nerf and side bars extend from one wheel to another on each side of the vehicle, providing a step for every door entry as well as a step to get into the bed of a truck.
  • Cab-length Nerf Bars – The most common side step option, cab-length nerf bars extend the length of the cab, providing the extra boost for both rows of seating in your vehicle. 
  • Oval Nerf Bars – Wider than the standard round nerf bar, oval side steps allow for more stepping room when entering and exiting the vehicle. 

Running Boards

Running Boards give your truck or SUV a quality look and provide a wide step area for sure footing.  Our running boards at include slip resistant safety skid pads and customized mounting brackets to ensure a perfect fit.  The running boards are sold in pairs and are available for most late model pickup trucks and sport utility vehicles.  In addition, our running boards have molded end caps to give you that custom look.

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Nerf Bars and side steps maintain their strength through high quality, durable materials used to form the thick, steel tubing or step.  At, we ensure our nerf and side bars through limited lifetime warranties offered on many of our products.

Stainless Steel Nerf Bars

A stainless steel step or nerf bar is a 3’’ or 4” extra thick tube with a mirror-like stainless steel finish and powdercoated mounting hardware.  The stainless steel used for each nerf bar allows for a high weight limit, while still maintaining the nicely finished, customized appearance for your vehicle. Read more about stainless steel on Wikipedia.

Black Powdercoated Step and Nerf Bars

These three-inch or four-inch round bars are e-coated on the outside and inside.  They come with powder coated mounting hardware and a hi-gloss powdercoat black finish adding a smooth and sleek style to your truck or SUV. Wikipedia explains powder coating.

Plastic Molded Running Boards

Plastic molded running boards include slip resistant safety skid pads and customized mounting brackets to ensure a perfect fit to your vehicle.  The width of running boards provides drivers and passengers with sure and safe footing.

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There are several options to consider when choosing the nerf/side bar or side/truck step that works for your vehicle, including:


When choosing the length for your side/nerf bar, look at where you need it most.  If you want safe and secure footing for you and all of your passengers, a cab-length nerf bar with a wide step for sure footing may be your best bet

If you frequently get into the bed of your truck, a wheel-to-wheel option allows the extra boost for the bed and for every vehicle occupant.

Of course, if you are looking for a basic step for one or two doors on your truck or SUV, a side step option is the way to go.  It provides that extra boost for your specific door entry.

At, we offer several length options in nerf and side bars to fit your needs.

Weight Capacity

Nerf and side bars/side steps have the same amount of weight capacity – 300 pounds  This should be plenty to hold a person, and is sufficient when loading the bed of a truck. 

If you are looking for a larger weight capacity, a running board may be the better option as it can hold 200 pounds more than the average nerf bar.

Which Will Look Best?

Stainless steel or black powdercoated options are the common nerf and side bars purchased at  Whether you are looking for a mirror-like appearance or a more subdued look, one of these options will work for your vehicle.

Additionally, it’s beneficial for individuals with a roof rack or tail/light guard to match the nerf bars up to it, providing a customized look for the entire vehicle.

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At, we offer easy installation with no drilling for your car/SUV order for most vehicles.   The mounting brackets in the hardware are included as well.  No hassle mounting can be taken care of with a few tools and less than an hour. If you have any questions with mounting your nerf bar, feel free to call our customer service line at 1-888-244-5908.

Though the mounting design may appear simple, it provides the strength and support needed with a pair of side steps and nerf bars.

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10. Throw a beat-down on Grandma with one of your nerf bars when she gets a little too feisty.

9. Use side steps as speed bumps in your neighborhood.

8. Attach weights to your truck steps to practice for the Iron Man Challenge.

7. Choose nerf bars for trucks as your "weapon of choice" in a murder plot against your ex.

6. Use nerf bars as curb feelers on your monster truck.

5. Use truck steps as stilts because you've always secretly wanted to be a clown in a circus. Or you're just really, really tired of people calling you "Shorty."

4. Use a nerf bar as a tube to siphon gas when the prices get way too high.

3. Claim you "didn't mean to" sling a nerf bar at the umpire while using it as a replacement bat. (You lost the first bat somewhere in the crowd behind home plate earlier.)

2. String nerf bars for trucks up to the getaway redneck truck at a gunshot wedding.

And the number one thing NOT to do with nerf bars: Add your truck steps to your Kitchen Table/Mile High Club list.