Center Console Organizer Vehicle Insert Secret Compartment Tray Compatible with Volkswagen VW Jetta 2019 Black Anti-Rattle

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Deluxe Center Console Organizer with Tray Lid: Control the clutter and conquer your disorganized inner beast once and for all with TruckChamp's Center Console Organizer. Includes one custom fit organizer with inset lid. Ultimate Storage solution: Satisfy that overpowering desire to be tidy and in control of your environment. Maximize your storage space, and keep all your frequently used items neatly and optimally organized and within reach! Individualize it by organizing it YOUR WAY, as there's truly a place for EVERYTHING! Hidden Compartment: The convenient perfect fit black lightly textured lid creates an additional compartment where you can keep valuables further out of view. The sturdy lid also functions as a secure base for additional items you can place on top of it. Custom designed for your vehicle: Fits easily and snugly in place. Compatible with Volkswagen Jetta 2019. Console insert is made from rugged, high density, stylish form fitting waterproof black foam material that is Non-rattle, Non-slip and easy to clean; Strong lid is made from a tough and durable black polymer blend.