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Dodge Truck Accessories

When you're looking for Dodge Ram pickup accessories, TruckChamp® has everything you need. Our wide selection, user-friendly online storefront, and helpful customer service will win you over in no time at all. We're confident you'll find all the Dodge truck accessories you need to customize your vehicle to your own personal tastes. Whether you're on a tight budget or the sky's the limit, you'll find Dodge Ram pickup accessories to make your vehicle truly unique. Check out our BBB® A+ Rating!

Dodge Truck Accessories

Nothing Works Harder Than Ram!

If you've got a Ram truck, you know how tough they are! Whether to just tool around town, looking good, or you use your truck for the hard stuff - hauling, towing, uphill sporting - you are in the Ram Zone! That's why we are the fastest growing online retailer of Dodge truck accessories - we know what you need and we can supply it! So whether it's for a Ram, a Dakota, Challenger, Durango, or any of the incredible vehicles by Dodge - we are your one-stop shopping place for Dodge auto, SUV or truck accessories.

We've made our website user-friendly to help you shop. You can select a product by its photo above, or select a brand name if you know just what you are looking for in a particular category. We recommend, to ease your search, simply plug in your make, model and year in the top left corner of our website, and then click on the categories directly below. If you're off road a lot, or just hitting the road a lot, our custom molded mud flaps will protect your vehicle and help keep it clean. For a step up, make cab and bed access easy with our super sharp looking nerf step bars. And if you have a truck, you definitely want to protect the bed with a heavy duty bed mat, and increase the security by putting a tonneau cover over it. Bad weather on the way? Use our floor mats to keep your auto, SUV or truck interior clean. Ramp it up and get the best sound and performance with our top brand mufflers. Whatever you need in the way of Dodge truck accessories, and car and auto accessories, we either have it, or can help you find it. If it's not on our website, simply call our professional service representatives at 1-888-244-5908 or send us an email to

The Chrysler Company

Formerly Ram Truck Division, Ram was established as a division of Chrysler in 2009 specifically for its trucks. Always striving to keep one step ahead, Ram is largely promoting their new 2011 Ram Outdoorsman. Sure to be a hot item, here's one of the descriptions: "Get out and commune with Father Nature. All-terrain tires, giant fuel tank, and recliner-worthy seats make it easier and more comfortable to get outdoors and stay outdoors." Besides the outdoorsman decal to show the world how outdoorsy you are, there's plenty of great features for both the Quad Cab and Crew 1500 models. Makes you want to go out and buy a compound bow, just looking at it!

Ram remains Dodge's best selling single model, albeit its oldest designs among pickups. Kudos for the new look of the Outdoorsman. But word has it that the marketing needs a shift towards women car buyers and younger car buyers. Take it from us, the Outdoorsman isn't the answer for appealing to women! Maybe add a manicure station where the best use of lunch hour time can be made. Or a built in magazine rack for Elle while we wait in the truck as the husband browses up and down the aisles of Home Depot. The younger generation may lean more towards a laptop station - but, hey texting and driving is out of control as it is, please don't add laptops to the mix.

Whatever is in the future for marketing and new designs, one thing is certain - Dodge sells hard working, heavy duty and long lasting trucks and autos. There's no customers more loyal to a brand than Dodge enthusiasts. And we are here for you!! Trust your Dodge and trust us at for the best Dodge truck accessories on the internet.