2 Shock Mount Upper Rear Fits Chevy GMC Silverado Sierra Round Tube X-members

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Rear Axle Upper shock mount custom designed to fit 1999-2007 Compatible with Silverado / Sierra 1500 ½ ton trucks that have a round tubular frame stiffening crossmember. Quantity Included - Two (2) shock mount brackets. Our shock mount is made from 11 gauge mild steel, it was custom designed specifically for 99-07 1500 Chevy and GMC pickups. This piece is laser cut, precision drilled and custom perforated. Our pre-fabricated shock mount is then coated with light machine oil, and placed in a labeled bag. This equals no part mix ups. We produce our parts in small 200-300 piece lots, this allows us to run random quality checks in each lot against a control piece and adjust any machines or tooling to spec required. Finding a quality, truly custom fit replacement for the Original Manufacture shock mount is difficult to say the least, This generally cannot be found at a Chevy or GMC dealership parts dealer. Generally trucks are needing these replaced due to rust and / or fatigue causing one side of mount to crack from stress. It has been determined that by shortening up the distance from the crossmember weld to the bolt hole, the mount becomes more rigid since there is less metal to flex and fatigue. All tolerances and clearances have been checked for this design and there is still complete articulation of the shock, even at full suspension compression and full droop. Our replacement shock mount ships flat and is easily bent at the perforation lines in a vice or on shop bench. IT will naturally bend in the proper spot.
  • Truck Champ Rear Shock Mount Brackets
  • Compatible with either shock on rear axle of Silverado / Sierra 1500.
  • Made from 11 gauge steel; Laser cut and perforated
  • Ships flat, Easily bent for Installation
  • Manufactured using custom fit template, offering perfect angle alignment on cross member.