(4) Forged 5/8 Inches Eye Grab Hook - Grade 70

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Truck Champ Heavy Duty Eye Grab Hooks. Truck Champ. This premium Truck Champ heavy duty Eye Grab Hook has been designed tough and made from the highest quality materials. Product is backed by a no-hassle One Year Guarantee against defects. Quantity Included: 4 Eye Grab Hooks. Size/Dimensions: 5/8". Material: Heavy Duty Steel. Strength: 15,800 lbs W.L.L. Durable, ready to handle tough environments. One Year Guarantee against workmanship and defects.
  • 4 Forged Eye Grab Hooks
  • 5/8 in.
  • Strength: 15,800 lbs W.L.L.
  • Heavy Duty G7 steel
  • Durable, ready to handle tough environments