200-Pack 4 Inches (18lbs) Zip Cable Tie Down Strap Wire Uv Black Nylon Wrap

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Premium Commercial Grade Nylon Cable Ties. 200 ties - 2.5 mm wide by 100 mm long - Black. These premium, commercial grade nylon cable ties have been lab tested for function and quality and can handle harsh weather conditions. Made from rust-resistant and corrosion-resistant, marine grade nylon plastic, these ties are strong and difficult to break. Product is backed by a no-hassle One Year Guarantee against defects. 200 ties. 2.5 mm wide by 100 mm long. Black. Heavy Duty marine grade nylon plastic can't be easily broken. Lab-tested for function and durability - can handle wet and salty conditions. Rust and corrosion resistant. Weather resistant: built to handle big weather temperature variations. One Year Guarantee against workmanship and defects.
  • 200 cable ties; 2.5 mm wide
  • 4" long, 18 pound tensile strength rating
  • UV Resistant black
  • Heavy Duty nylon plastic can't be easily broken
  • Built to handle weather temperature variations