4 Inches Round Amber 10 LED Stop Turn Running Light Brake Flush Truck Trailer DOT Compliant 1 Light Includes Deluxe Kit with Grommet, Connectors and Tie

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Deluxe kit includes 1 round submersible trailer light with grommets, waterproof cable tie and butt connectors; Hermetically sealed for moisture lock; 3-prong standard easy plug connector; Tough water tight rubber grommet; 4-1/4" DIAMETER BODY - 7/8" DEEP BODY - 1-7/8" DEEP INCLUDING PLUG - FITS 4-1/2" HOLE - FITS PANEL THICKNESS UP TO 1/4"; 10 LED super diodes each; 12-Volt; Lights are lab-tested for brightness and to withstand vibration, wet conditions, movement